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Magnolia Home paint color crossovers

I am a huge (HUGE!) fan of HGTV's show FIxer Upper. Maybe it's my southern roots (I was born and raised in Dallas) or the fact that Chip and Joanna Gaines have got to be the cutest couple around - regardless.... I am on that show like white on rice. So, imagine my delight when they announced their Magnolia Homes paint colors which means that I can at least attempt to get their swoone-worthy design style in my own home. While I have a striking lack of shiplap on my walls, I can at least pretend I'm heading the right direction with this beautiful collection of colors.

With their subtle and diverse color palette it's no surprise why the Magnolia Home paint collection is quickly dominating the design market. Even the names of their colors bring up a sense of timelessness and calm (Ella Rose.... Emmie's Room....Weathered Windmill). The Magnolia Home paints are still in a limited release, so below is a collection of crossover colors that coincide closely with Benjamin Moore colors. While not exact matches, these crossovers will at least get you in the ballpark. Click on any of the swatches to view the Benjamin Moore color code.

If you're still not sure how to incorporate these into your home, just give us a call. We're running a special through the summer that includes a free in-home color consultation - can't beat that!



White |  Cream  |  Beige


Browns  |  Beige


|  Reds  |

Blues  |  Greens

|  Grays  |