Pappas Painting & Repair


Exterior Painting

What to Expect

Colorado’s harsh weather can take its toll on the outside of your home, so taking the time to properly prep and repair any damaged or failing areas and using high quality products are a standard part of our exterior painting services.

We start every exterior project with a review of your proposal and a pre-start checklist. We then pressure wash to remove dirt and debris so that the paint adheres properly.

On a separate day we begin our prep by removal of flaking and peeling paint with the use of hand tools and sanders to ensure that the work is done properly without causing any additional damage to the surface. All bare wood is primed with 100% acrylic primer, all gaps are caulked and wood is repaired and/or replaced as needed. Windows, shingles, brick and all other non-painted areas are protected, and no paint is applied until a post prep walk through is completed. Depending on the product you select for your job we will apply one or two coats. Click here to learn more about the products we use. 

Just like when we’re painting inside your home, we take the utmost care while painting the outside of your home as well. This includes cleaning up and tidying at the end of every day, working in a flow that is conducive to your needs and using only Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paints.

Upon completion, a final walk-through and checklist will be completed to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction and that you are happy with the outcome. Only then will you be invoiced for the job.