Pappas Painting & Repair

So, how does this work?


Do you provide the materials or do I? In most cases, we will pick up the paint/stain for you, but you will need to select your color(s) prior to the start of the project. Our crews come equipped will all supplies needed for the job, so all you need to provide is what colors and where and we can take it from there.

In the event you already have the paint/stain, please let us know when we come out to do an estimate so we can adjust the cost of materials accordingly.

Can you help me pick out colors? While we would like to think we’re experts in painting AND design, we tend to defer to the experts when it comes to selecting the perfect colors for your job. The way we view colors can change with the surroundings and if you’re unsure of where to start we’d be happy to coordinate an in-home Color Consultation with a trained designer. Through our partnership with Guiry’s, we’re happy to offer this service to you once we have a signed contract for $40 per hour which is half of their normal rate. Please let us know if you are interested in this service.

If you'd like to select colors on your own, but need a few ideas, click here to upload a photo of your room and use the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer

How do I know when my job will start? If your job is scheduled more than 3 weeks out, you will receive an estimated timeframe once we have assigned a painting crew to your project. On occasion, your actual timeframe may change from what we’re estimating it to be or you may have something come up in your schedule, so we allow for these minor shifts in scheduling to accommodate that. The week prior to the start of your project, you will receive an email and call from our office confirming your exact start date and time as well as a copy of our “what to expect form” that will outline what we need from you prior to the start of your project.

What else do you do besides painting? We are excited to now offer acoustic (popcorn) ceiling removal in unoccupied rooms. We prefer that the home be vacant for this removal, but can accommodate a lived-in home provided that the rooms in which we are scraping the ceiling have been completely emptied of all furniture, decor, clothing etc prior to the start of work. We are also excited to now offer drywall hanging and finishing on a limited availability. 

What do you NOT do? Scrape acoustic (popcorn) ceilings in occupied rooms (if the room is empty, we CAN remove the popcorn).

What do I do next? – Contact our office to schedule an on-site estimate at your earliest convenience. We will meet you, walk through the project, and collect the necessary information to construct a detailed proposal. In most cases, you will receive an emailed proposal within 2 business days. Once we receive your signed proposal we will queue your job for scheduling, taking into consideration the timeframe that works best for you.

Do you use zero VOC products? All of the latex paints that we use are low or zero VOC – even after tinting. Because of this there will be less of a smell that is normally associated with painting projects. We do offer a zero-VOC and zero-emissions product (Benjamin Moore Natura) for any projects where having no VOCs such as in a nursery or a home with someone who has respiratory concerns. Please let us know if this is something you would prefer.

What about my pets? We all love our pets, and making sure that yours are taken care of while we’re in your home is important to us. During our pre-start checklist we’ll make a point of covering anything we need to know to make sure your pets are secure and safe during the project.

Why no deposit? We’re so committed to your satisfaction and confident in our work that we make it a standard policy to not charge anything upfront – no deposits, no materials fees -absolutely no upfront costs. Only once you’re satisfied with the completed project will we send you a final invoice.