Pappas Painting & Repair


Peace of mind shouldn't cost you extra.


An industry leading paint that is designed to last the test of time now comes with our industry leading warranty. 

If you've lived in Colorado for any amount of time, you know that the blazing sun and the piles of snow can take a beating on anyone and anything. (PS - if you just moved here, consider yourself informed!). We took that into careful consideration when PPR was formed, and decided right then that we would only use the best quality products on your home. We don't cut corners and we don't use products that have no chance of standing up to whatever Colorado is going to throw at it. It is because of these high quality products and our thorough and detailed prep process that we're so confident in the final product that we include a FREE 10 year warranty on exterior paint projects. 

While many of our competitors offer warranties, be sure to double check what they include and how much you're paying for them - and if you aren't sure what their warranty covers just let us know - we'd be happy to explain it to you and compare it to what we're offering. 

Peace of mind shouldn't cost you extra. Period.

So, what's INCLUDED in the standard warranty?

  • Costs of materials
  • Labor costs
  • Wood windows
  • Where the siding meets the roofline
  • All siding boards - even the low ones that your sprinkler hits
  • Blotching, fading, cracking or peeling paint
  • Cracked caulking
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime warranty on paint
  • 10 year PPR warranty on labor
  • Transferable 1x at ANY point during the life of the warranty. Which means if you move, the new homeowners also get this peace of mind - which can be a very valuable thing when selling your home.

What about an interior warranty?

Because the interior of your home isn't subjected to the harsh Colorado climate, it isn't as likely for there to ever be a scenario where a warranty claim needs to be submitted. However, if this is something you're concerned about just let us know! We've never denied a warranty claim and we have no interest in starting anytime soon!