Pappas Painting & Repair

Repair and Prep

What to Expect

Standard Prep

We believe that an excellent paint job is only as good as the prep work that goes into it. Taking the time to prepare the surface and complete repairs will ensure the final product is done correctly.

Our standard prep includes:


  • Removing all nails/screws and filling the holes
  • Protect all flooring and non-painted areas
  • Remove all switch covers and outlet plates
  • Caulk all gaps and cracks
  • Repair minor drywall issues
  • Tape & Caulk all transition lines
  • Window coverings will be removed and rehung as necessary


  • Pressure wash all surfaces to be painted
  • Re-Secure Loose Boards
  • Scrape all loose and flaking paint
  • Feather sand failed areas
  • Spot prime all exposed wood surfaces
  • Caulk all gaps & cracks
  • Protect all non-painted surfaces
  • A post prep walk through will be conducted prior to the application of paint
  • **Wood replacement will be charged $52 per man hour plus materials**


While we are not a handyman company, our teams are trained in repairs that are directly associated with painting projects. These include:


  • Drywall repair – wall patching, skimming, texture patches
  • Wood repair and replacement


  • Replacing damaged/deteriorated siding and trim
  • Patching holes

We evaluate the repairs needed on a case-by-case basis and will be upfront with you if the repairs needed on your home go outside our scope of work.